Useful translations for reading Chinese news

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Useful translations for reading Chinese news

Postby mike » Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:13 pm


I found following Chinese to English translations are very helpful when reading Chinese newspaper:

  站在新起点 on a new starting point

  创新型国家 innovation-oriented country

  资源节约型社会 resource-conserving society

  资源型城市转型 transformation of resource-dependent cities

  区别对待,有保有压 the principle of taking different approaches to different situations and encouraging the growth of some sectors while discouraging the expansion of others

  “五个统筹” maintain the "five balances" (balancing urban and rural development, development among regions, economic and social development, development of man and nature, and domestic development and opening up to the outside world)

  鼓励、支持和引导非公有制经济 encourage, support and guide the growth of the non-public sector of the economy

  发扬成绩 build on our achievements

  环保专项治理 special projects to address serious environmental problems

  保护天然林 protect virgin forests

  退牧还草 return grazing land to grassland

  退耕还林还草 return farmland to forests or grassland

  石漠化 spread of stony deserts

  防沙治沙 prevent and control desertification

  生态补偿机制 a mechanism for ecological compensation

  农村综合试点改革 trials of comprehensive rural reform

  农机具补贴 subsidies for agricultural machinery and tools

  良种补贴 subsidies for growing superior grain cultivators

  多予少取放活 the policy of giving more, taking less and loosening control (to increase rural incomes)

  “三提五统” "three deductions" (for public reserve funds, public welfare funds and management fees) and the "five charges" (charges for rural education, family planning, militia training, rural road construction and subsidies to entitled groups)

  看病难、看病贵,上学难、上学贵 the difficulty and high cost of getting medical treatment and receiving an education

  粮食安全 food safety

  农村劳动力转移培训 job training for farm laborers looking for urban employment

  防止“一哄而起” avoid herd mentality

  农村信用社体制 the system of rural credit cooperatives

  牧业税 livestock tax

  资源税 resource tax

  农业面源污染 widespread pollution from the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides in rural area

  政策性关闭破产 policy-based closure and bankruptcy

  企业分离办社会 relieve enterprises of their obligation to operate social programs

  城市和国有企业厂办大集体 collectively owned factories operated by state-owned enterprises and cities

  上市公司股权分置改革 reform of the shareholder structure of listed companies

  人民币汇率形成机制改革 reform of the mechanism for setting the renminbi exchange rate

  利率形成和传导机制 setting and transmitting interest rates

  国债余额管理方式 the method of outstanding balance management for its national debt

  建立财政性科技投入稳定增长机制 establish a mechanism to ensure stable growth of government investment in science and technology

  坚持国家绝对控股 keep a controlling share in the state's hands

  强化银行资本充足率约束 strengthen capital requirements for banks

  政府收支分类改革reformation of the classification of government revenue and expenditures

  投资主体和产权多元化 investment from various sources and diversified ownership

  完善国有资产监管体制,健全国有资本经营预算制度、经营业绩考核体系和国有资产重大损失责任追究制度 strengthen the oversight system for state assets by establishing a sound operating and budget system for state capital, a sound performance evaluation system and a sound system for assigning responsibility for major losses of state assets

  提高系统集成能力 improve systems integration

  控制新增产能 control expansion of production capacity

  废物综合利用和废旧资源回收利用 comprehensive utilization of waste materials and recovery and recycling of used resources

  资源开发补偿机制、衰退产业援助机制 mechanisms to compensate for resource depletion and to aid declining industries

  突发公共卫生事件医疗救治体系 medical treatment system for public health emergencies

  乡镇卫生院 health clinics in towns and townships

  公共文化基础设施 culture-related facilities for public use

  城市低保对象 urban residents entitled to basic living allowances

  完善城市低保制度 improve the system of urban subsistence allowances

  重点优抚对象 key entitled groups

  国家统一的职务与级别相结合的工资制度和工资正常增长机制 a unified national salary system based on position and rank and a mechanism for regular pay increases

  保持共产党员先进性 keep CPC members progressive, innovative and forward-thinking

  兴边富民 vitalize border areas and enrich the people living there

  西部地区“两基”攻坚计划 the plan to make nine-year compulsory education universal and to eliminate illiteracy among the young and middle-aged in the western region

  项目核准与备案 project approval and record-keeping

  完善境外投资协调机制和风险控制机制 improve the mechanisms for coordinating overseas investment and risk management

  过渡期 transitional period

  官煤勾结 government officials in cahoots with coalmine operators

  government officials act in collusion with coalmine operators

  重点抽查 spot test with a focus on; a spot test focusing on

  采煤沉陷区 sinkholes in coal mining areas

  棚户区 shantytowns

  传销及变相传销 pyramid schemes and the ones in disguised forms

  手机实名制 mobile phone identification policy

  福利腐败 corruption in the execution of welfare policy

  内外资企业所得税统一 the unity of income taxes levied from domestic and foreign-funded enterprises

  论文崇拜 the worship of research paper; the worship of scientific paper

  以房养老 use house property as the living means for one's old age; using house property as the living means for the aged

  《中华人民共和国公司法》 Company Law of the People's Republic of China

  《重大动物疫情应急条例》 Emergency Measures for Handling Major Animal Epidemics

  《关于预防煤矿生产安全事故的特别规定》 Special Regulations for Preventing Coalmine Accidents

  《国家突发公共事件总体应急预案》Master State Plan for Rapid Response to Public Emergencies

  《信访条例》Regulations on Petitions in the Form of Letters and Visits

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Re: Useful translations for reading Chinese news

Postby steve » Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:58 am

Excellent translations.

It helps me a lot!

Thank you Mike
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